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International Mother Language Day Celebration by EIS


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International Mother Language Day is a moment for all of us to raise the flag for the importance of mother tongue to all educational efforts, to enhance the quality of learning. International mother language day has a great history. It was formerly known as Bhasa Dibosh which means Language Day. People observe this day by showing respect to the sacrificed soul during the language movement of 1952. Language day has been declared as International Mother Language Day first announced by UNESCO on 17 November, 1999. From then, it was celebrated globally. This day is also known as International Language Day, World Language Day, etc. People around the world will celebrate this day with a festive mood.
After the painful partition of India in 1947, Jinnah tried to force his utopian concept of language on the people of East Pakistan. After the horrible massacre of Hindus in East Pakistan, Jinnah thought that East Pakistan has been sufficiently Islamized. He came to Dhaka an on 21st February, 1948 and announced that Urdu would be the language of the Government of entire Pakistan. Bengali was considered the language of 'Hindus' and so it was treated with disdain by Jinnah and his short-sighted followers. The announcement sparked protest among the Bengali-speaking majority of Pakistan. The protest got out of control and ended with the death of four students of the University of Dhaka who were shot by the police. The students' death during the fight for their mother language is now remembered as The International Mother Language Day all over the world.